Curriculum Vitae



2020                 birth of a daughter

2016                 birth of a son
2013                 Degree in Art and Philosophy
2005-2013      Art studies at the Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel
2005-2013      Study of Philosophy at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel
2004-2005      Studied Philosophy at the Humboldt University of Berlin
2003                 birth of a son
2002                 Acquisition of an Administrative Diploma
1981                 birth in Dresden, Germany

Grants / Residencies / Awards

2019                Travel Funding by the Office for Culture and Further Education, Kiel (Oslo / Norwegen)
2018                Project Funding by the Office for Culture and Further Education, Kiel
2015                P!NK . push, working grant, Haus 8 e.V.
                         Travel Funding by the Office for Culture and Education, Kiel (Olso / Norwegen)
2013                3rd gregor international calender award, Graphischer Club Stuttgart
2011                Residence Scholarship in Künstlerhaus Eckernförde
                         Work Scholarship of the Landeskulturverband Schleswig-Holstein, Kunstraum B, Kiel
                         3rd Audience Award of the 57th Landesschau BBK-SH
2010                Project Funding at the Project Art is
                         1st Audience Award at the exhibition music fort he eyes - eyes for music
2009                Nominated for the Gottfried Brockmann Prize, Kiel

Works in public space / Art on construction

2019               „“ (title) / UKSH Kiel and Lübeck / art on construction (studio for nonlinear thinking)  

                        Erlebnisraum Kiellinie /artistic intervention (studio for nonlinear thinking)

                        Humboldt Herbarium / Humboldt School Kiel / art on construction (studio for nonlinear thinking)

                        Peppermint and Sage / art on construction / Kindergarten Blue Elephant Neumünster (studio for 

                        nonlinear thinking)
                        Wellingdorfer living room and Kieler Kuhle / new artistic intervention, Kiel Wellingdorf

                        (studio of nonlinear thinking)
2018               Wellingdorfer living room / artistic intervention with participation, Kiel Wellingdorf

                        (studio for nonlinear thinking)
                         Mauertalente / artistic intervention with participation, Lübeck (studio for nonlinear thinking)
2017               „“ (title) / UKSH Kiel, art on construction for the palliative station (studio for nonlinear thinking)

2016               memory at the humane / temporary intervention in public space, Kiel

2015               Direction, Artistic transformation of the building of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband, Kiel
                        (studio for nonlinear thinking)
2012               Art Foundation, permanent installation in front of the Lessinghalle Kiel
2011               Artist parking spaces, temporary artistic intervention in the urban space Hamburg, Bonn and Kiel
2010               Doris-Lessing-Bad, temporary facade lettering, Lessinghalle Kiel
2008               maybe too late, artistic intervention in public space

Works in public collections

Artist parking spaces (Stadtgalerie Kiel)
Dead Man (Förderverein der Stadtgalerie Kiel)

Exhibitions (selection)

Solo shows
2018              about the future of two murderes / Kunstraum B, (with Chili Seitz und Kerstin Daiber)
2016              B-fragt (1) How much answer is inside a question? / Kunstraum B (with Chili Seitz)
2015              quarter to seven / Galerie Brache
2014              position / Flandernbunker, Kiel
2013              position / Kunstraum B, Kiel
                       brigdging / Kunstraum B, Kiel
2012             Gegenüberstellung / Kunstverein Haus 8, Kiel (K, with Chilli Seitz)
2009              LG, 2009, Prima-Kunst-Container, Kiel
2007              Preetzise 13 / Kunstkreis Preetz e.V. (with Chili Seitz)

Group shows
2019            66. Landesschau des BBK-SH / Landesmuseum Schloss Gottorf

                      The clinical picture / Kunsthistorisches Museum Kiel (with Chili Seitz)
2018             65 Landesschau des BBK-SH / Museumsberg Flensburg (K)
                       MIX / Kunstverein Haus 8 e.V., Atelierhaus im Anscharpark, Kiel
                       artegrale- offenheit / touring exhibition (Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hamburg,
                       Skandinavien), Stiftung Drachensee (K)
                       Museumsnacht 2018, Muthesius Kunsthochschule / Kunstraum B, Kiel

2017              Museumsnacht 2017, Muthesius Kunsthochschule / Kunstraum B, Kiel
                       MIX / Kunstverein Haus 8 e.V., Atelierhaus im Anscharpark, Kiel
                       Brunswiker Pavillion, BBK-SH, Kiel
2016              invitation: u.A.w.G / BIG - Gallerie, Dortmund
                       identity of person and place / Landesbibliothek, Kiel
2015              identity of person and place / Tegnerforbundet, Oslo (Norwegen)
2014              Love AIDS Riot Sex 3 / NGBK, Berlin
                       in the wake - im Kielwasser / Künstlerhaus Dortmund
2012              58. Landesschau des BBK-SH / Stadtgalerie Brunsbüttel
                       Something is rotten… / Kunstverein Haus 8 e.V., Kiel (K)
2011              Bir Bakalim... / Kunstraum B Kiel e.V.
                       Nordart / Büdelsdorf
                       Everyone has an excuse why he does not get famous / Lessinghalle Kiel
                       Nacht der Wissenschaft / Kunsthalle der Christian Albrecht Universität zu, Kiel
                       Trockenschwimmer / Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)
                       Large Art Exhibition / Haus der Kunst, Munich
                       Art students exhibit / Bundeskunsthalle Bonn
                       Grenzerfahrungen – Grenzüberschreitungen / Freies Museum Berlin
                       57. Landesschau des BBK-SH / Stadtgalerie Kiel
2010              that‘s a good title is also a good title / Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Verkehr, Kiel
                       56. Landesschau des BBK-SH / Ostholsteinmuseum Eutin und Rådhus - Galerie, Oslo (Norwegen)
                       music fort he eyes - eyes for music / Flandernbunker, Kiel
2009              Selection exhibition for the Gottfried Brockmann Prize 2009 / Stadtgalerie Kiel


2019              Curation of the exhibition „The clinical picture“ in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Kiel (with Chili Seitz)
seit 2015       Artistic Interventions with Companies
seit 2014       Project management ,Art high school ‚at the Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel
2016-2018    Artistic Director and 1st Chairman of Kunstverein B, Kiel
2014 - 2017  Expert for national networking of the BBK S-H